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God's Living Word Speaks to Us

Unity Hill United Church of Christ is very proud to be a family church that has Bridgeport and Trumbull roots that go back over 100 years. We are also very proud to be a member of the greater group called the United Church of Christ or ‘UCC’.

We understand God’s family to be the entire human race. We are all brothers and sisters and children of God. We lean on each other and Jesus as we try to live into the three core values of the ‘God is Still Speaking’ movement of the UCC

In the Bible we are told that the Body of Christ functions most healthily when the gifts and graces of all the body’s members are shared (1 Corinthians 12).  God’s Living Word speaks to us as individuals and as a group and the sharing of what the Word says to each of us is very powerful.

Come and let us explore the Word and find out what it has to say to you!

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best people in town and a place to build relationships.

Pastor Todd

Our Members Speak!

From the first time I walked into the church, I felt like I belonged here. The love is so electrifying. Thank you for this wonderful family of God!!
I am happy to be a part of this wonderful church community of Unity Hill. It gives me great joy to attend the weekly service and be a part of this beautiful family.
It is always warm and welcoming!
I’ve been coming to Unity Hill my whole life (20 years). It’s always been the best way to end my weekends. Great messages and atmosphere of people! Feel free to stop in for a service. We’d all love to have you!
This church feels just like a second home. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly. Hope to see you soon!