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Local roots that go back over 100 years


The Word of God is our true foundation. The Bible clearly states who you were created to be believing in Jesus, belonging to family, becoming a follower, and building God’s kingdom. Our mission is to help you develop into mature disciples who are equipped to glorify God through membership in his family, ministry in the church and mission to our community and beyond.


We believe that small things done with great love will change the world.

Our History

On June 5, 1988, a new church was formed by the merger, and formal incorporation, of Trinity United Church of Christ and Park Street Congregational Church. This brought about the joining together in worship and Christian fellowship 111 members and 5 associate members from Trinity United Church of Christ and 124 members and 2 associate members from Park Street Congregational Church.

On September 11, 1988, the consolidation of Trinity United Church of Christ of Trumbull and Park Street Congregational Church of Bridgeport was formally recognized by the Fairfield East Association of the United Church of Christ.

The new Unity Hill United Church of Christ continues the traditions of Trinity United Church of Christ, successor to the First Evangelical and Reformed Church founded in 1860, and of Park Street Congregational, founded in 1868. This consolidation of the two churches was for the purpose of forming a more vital and effective church in the Greater Bridgeport area.

The Reverend Arlene B. Studer, former interim Pastor of Park Street Church, and the Reverend Harold C. Smith, D.D., former Pastor of Trinity U.C.C. then became Co-Pastors in the new Unity Hill United Church of Christ of Trumbull.

Park Street Congregational Church History

Park Street Congregational Church, founded in 1864, reached its zenith during the 1930’s and 40’s when the church’s sanctuary and balcony would be filled to overflowing on holidays and there were 75 Sunday school children and 10 teachers. The church also grew financially due to a rather wealthy congregation, excellent stewardship and endowments, and sound investments.

World War II membership began to decline until it reached approximately 100 in the mid to late 1980’s, at which time an active merger committee was elected. Led by the Reverend Arlene Studer, negotiations with Trinity United Church of Christ in Trumbull overcame several serious obstacles, which resulted in a vote to merge in late 1988.

Trinity United Church of Christ History

 The Reverend Harold C. Smith was pastor of the First Evangelical and Reformed Church in Bridgeport when, on January 1, 1966, the name of this congregation became “Trinity United Church of Christ.” Due to the merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Christian Churches into the United Church of Christ, the name “First Evangelical and Reformed Church” was made out-of-date, inappropriate and meaningless.

This name change was necessary. At the same time, downtown Bridgeport was being considered for re-development. As this materialized, the congregation authorized, built and dedicated the Trumbull Social Hall, later named Lynch Hall. A dedication ceremony was held in 1970 on the 110th Anniversary of the original congregation.

The Grand Masonic Lodge AF and AM of the State of Connecticut performed the Ancient Masonic Rites of this ceremony with the laying of the corner stone. Lynch Hall was used for Sunday Services beginning in 1973 when the City of Bridgeport finally took the Congress Street building and property for redevelopment. Groundbreaking for the present church sanctuary was on February 4, 1973 and dedication of the church was on April 29, 1974. While a Yale University Divinity School, Bonnie Bardot participated in the worship of the church and upon her ordination was hired as a Co-pastor with the Reverend Harold Smith. She remained until July 1, 1987.

There have been many ups and downs that have been endured, however, the church has survived and progressed with the perseverance and determination of its faithful and hard working parishioners and their faith in God. This brings us to a new beginning with the merger of Trinity United Church of Christ and Park Street Congregational Church.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

Unity Hill United Church of Christ